Update 0.9.6: German aircraft carriers

In this update, players are going to find the following:

Supply and Directive reward German Aircraft Carriers containers.

Rewards from containers: combat missions for early access to German aircraft carriers IV Rhein, VI Weser, and VIII August von Parseval, expendable Black-White-Red camouflages, and other rewards.

German Tokens: Earned by completing special chains of combat missions. There are a total of four chains with rewards in the form of German tokens and the Iron Cross permanent camouflages for IV Rhein, VI Weser and VIII August von Parseval.

  • Features of German aircraft carriers
  • The planes have a high cruising speed, but a small reserve of HP.
  • A new type of ammunition - armor-piercing missiles for attack aircraft. They are capable of inflicting high damage on the enemy's citadel, but may ricochet or fail to pierce armor when hit at a sharp angle. When hitting the thin armor of destroyers at right angles, there will most often be through penetrations, dealing 1/10 of the maximum damage.
  • Fast torpedoes with low travel range and low damage.
  • Armor-piercing bombs from bombers. The squadron flies at high altitude, and the attacking flight immediately goes into a dive. Since it is difficult to adjust the position of the sight during an attack, bombs are most effective against slow targets.
  • Long-range and accurate secondary battery guns.

With the release of Update 0.9.7, the German aircraft carrier branch will become available for research to all players.


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