Update 0.9.5 Dockyard

The main feature of Update 0.9.5 is the new Dockyard in the Port of Hamburg, where you will be able to construct two German ships at once VI Admiral Graf Spee and VIII Odin.

Dockyard basics:

  • The event will span two updates—0.9.5 and 0.9.6.
  • Ship construction at the Dockyard consists of 20 shipbuilding phases. You can advance through these by completing Directives or spending 1,750 doubloons on each phase.
  • The reward for completing phase 10 is VI Admiral Graf Spee in the War Paint camouflage.
  • In total, you can complete 18 out of 20 shipbuilding phases by finishing Directives. You need to spend doubloons to progress through at least two of the 20 phases.
  • After completing phase 20, you will receive VIII Odin

In Update 0.9.5, we've significantly improved the combat missions.

  • The interface has been revamped.
  • Added combat missions with an "or" condition. In such missions, one of two given conditions needs to be fulfilled in order to get the reward. E.g. earn 10,000 Base XP "or" destroy 10 enemy ships. Thus, you will be able to choose which of the conditions you prefer and fulfill the requirement playing the most suitable ships.
  • Changed the way combat missions are displayed on the post-battle statistics screen: the interface has been revamped, and the possibility to track combat mission progress in a separate window has been added.

By completing the Directives, you'll obtain VI Admiral Graf Spee and various other rewards from the Dockyard, as well as get a massive discount on VIII Odin.


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